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Angelic Assistance is a non-profit organization that is attempting to be a blessing to those in need.

 We have provided some children are in need of food, shelter, diapers and school clothes.

If there is an emergency for shelter we will pay for a motel for three (3) days as funds permit. This part of our service had to be reduced because it was being abused. We hope to provide shelter and a transition to regular homes for those in need in the near future. 
Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamonte has provided turkeys for Thanksgiving dinners through our organiztion.  The US Marines were a major help in our toy drive for the children of the community as was Dr. Phil's television program that blessed several of our clients with major gifts during Christmas time 2006.
The local Motel 6 has helped with shelter.  Our community McDonald's and the Acapulco Resturant have also provided meals for homeless families needing assistance.
Children are our priority because they are defenseless and must be protected at any cost because they truly are our future.  There are so many babies that are being abused and neglected that it is at epidemic proportions.  This must end now.  Children don't ask to be born and we all pray that the parents will do their best to raise them properly.  In California, if a new born is not wanted the parents may leave the baby at a hospital, the police department or fire department until they are three days old with no questions asked.  The trash cans and landfills are no place for babies.


Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide the necessities for a comfortable life for the children. We will also assist families that are in need of our help.

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Becoming a Member

If you have a heart for those in need you are more than welcome to join Angelic Assistance.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

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